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Great Contemporary House Garden Green Fence Wall Flower Plantation

Wonderful Contemporary House with Wood Paneling

Build Contemporary House is an interesting idea if you want the type of house that will not timeless. This is because the contemporary design can always be changed along with the times. Contemporary home built in the city center often causes many negative sides we do not want, such as pollution; both air and sound. Therefore contemporary home designs that strive to meet the needs of consumers by adjusting the…

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Fascinating Trailer Park Hotel Submarine Captain's Room Theme

Waterfront Trailer Park Hotel with Futuristic Concept

There is a modern home living that is very suitable to the traveler that is the Trailer Park Hotel which is located in South Africa. That hotel is built in the best location and it is also equipped with the natural view. The natural view of that resort is from the green surroundings and the waterfront of the hotel. That hotel looks gorgeous from the outside. Trailer Park Hotel; Swimming…

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Patterned Curtain Design Dark Brown Sofa Living Space Ideas

Wonderful Contemporary Chic in Apartment

Living in apartment and using contemporary chic for the interior design maybe that is wonderful. You can decorate with the best furniture and accessories or ornaments to get more comfortable. Contemporary Chic Interior Design Related to this situation, living in apartment is the best solution to get the simple life and practical way in this modernization. So, the decoration of the apartment is very important to get the comfortable and…

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Green Grass Black Railings Flat Roof Wooden Contemporary House Design

Light Wooden Contemporary Home Brings Light and Beautiful Appearance

In 2012, there was a big project of constructing a wooden contemporary home in Weinfelden, Switzerland. Its unique exterior of all wooden walls makes it as an eye-catching residence with minimalist architectural design. The cube and sharp edges become the strongest landscape which describes its strong structures. The wooden walls are collaborated with steel of the railings in the second and third floor to optimize the safety. The Dining and…

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Second Floor Facade Higer Ground Eco Villa Design

Excellent Urban Villa Model for Alternative Villa Design

The model of villa can be designed with any kinds of concept, including urban villa model. The model of that villa usually located in the middle of country or quite environment. The construction of villa look like big cube on the top part, then the bottom also follows with square model. Then, most of villa’s part consists from glass window, where there is no such kind of hard wall which…

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Green Grass Paving Block Floor Outdoor Area

Impressive Retreat Living Place with Industrial Architectural Exterior

The pine forest in Murcia, Spain surrounds a retreat living place which offers a totally quiet and peaceful life. The hill location and thick pine trees make this house a kind of hidden house and nobody will expect that it is a modern and luxurious living place. Its unique design with sleek materials in the exterior in sky blue and underground garden give an impressive architectural design and attract us…

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Fantastic Contemporary Asian Home Lacquered Wooden Floor Rustic Wooden Ceiling

Sustainable Contemporary Asian Home with Minimalist Design

The final construction of this contemporary Asian home is finish in 2013. It is located in Bukit Timah, Singapore of two-story house features roof balcony with glass railings. Open space is the mayor concept of the architecture which gives an easy access an outdoor refreshing pool and wooden deck. The facade offers thick plants in romantic effect from the outdoor lighting to greet you entering the house from the stone…

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Astounding Terracotta Concrete Wall Facade By Daeyang Gallery And House

Picturesque Concrete House with Surging Wall

While wooden material and glass detail commonly used for building simple residence, another idea is concrete house. Concrete is durable material with strength texture which will fight for any seasonal activity. In Seoul, South Korea, there is Daeyang Gallery and House designed by Steven Holl Architects which combining concrete material with another usual house’s material for gaining complex image of house’s design. Concrete House Gallery Here is the picture list…

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White Long Dining Table Black Chairs Wooden Floor Design

Various Room Visualization for Any Kinds of Rooms

One of complement from a home is including room visualization, where it adds the nuance and condition of room inside of home. The visualization itself can be transformed into any kinds of form. For example like visualization design of wall art surface, the impression of furniture, and others. This kind of thing can give a different looked for each room and each furniture too. They will look more different rather…

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Container Home Design Wide Open Yard With Nature Bush And Trees

Futuristic Container Home for Alternative of Home Design

The home design is always various, where it is included container home which still rare for people to be applied. The main material which builds that home is rare. If it use container, so people should find the very big one, because it should be container that can accommodate many rooms later. The model of home itself also unique, where big container designed with put some glass doors and window…

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