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Interesting Neutral Color Apartment White Wall Unique Wall Mounted Lamp

Intriguing Neutral Apartment Interior; Monochrome

In the modern apartment, there are many things that can be done to make the apartment has a better look, one of them is by applying the Neutral Apartment Interior in the inside of the apartment. To make an apartment has a very nice look there are many things that can be done to realize it. One of them is to apply the luxurious and interesting color of the apartment….

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Clean Lines Penthouse Interior Using White And Blue Also Wood Accent Also Blue Living Room Sofa

Deluxe Penthouse Design Ideas: Luxury Found in Every Details

Daniel Studio has fantastic penthouse design ideas namely Blue Penthouse. Blue Penthouse is kind of stylish and modern house design. The term Blue comes from the dominant use of blue color palette. This contemporary house is situated in Shanghai, China. The architect of Blue Penthouse has great penthouse interior design ideas that would make the people admiring the interior design of the house. The interior design of the Penthouse from…

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Modern Bathroom With Modern Dressing Table With Round Mirror Using Yellow Neon Lighting Plus White Bedroom Seating

Elegant Chic Home Design for Your Apartment

If you want to create an elegance atmosphere into your house, may be you can utilize the idea of chic home interior design which is brought by the Henrietta Street. This dwelling space is situated in Bayswater, London, England. Mainly, the architect combines the black and white tone to the house decoration. It is intended to extend the modern as well as minimalist nuance to this living space. Let’s we…

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SKEW Collaborative For Urban Interior Apartment Plan Design With Conceptual Shaped Decoration Used Minimalist Interior For Apartment Inspiration With Open Plan Interior Including Living Room And Dining Room Also Kitchen Image

Stylish Urban Design of China Apartment

Located in the metropolitan city of Shanghai, China, the rooftop of this urban design apartment looks blended with other residences. The apartment which has been completed in 2012 under the project of SKEW Collaborative has positioned this communal living space into the most differentiated apartment amongst others. However, the distinct design can be seen from the outside. It will seem the same when you examine this apartment from the outer…

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Amazing Illuminating Nuance Of The Proper Lighting Looks Much Refreshing Combined With Green Accent

Luminous 120 sqm Apartment with Green and Wooden Touch

The limited space like 120 sqm apartment will be an enough space to apply the luminous interior design. This application has been proven by M2 Design Studio in designing an interior of an apartment which is located in Varna, Bulgaria. The result of this project is wonderful. The fresh and natural interior design is presented since you come to the apartment entrance. Illuminating nuance of the proper lighting looks much…

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Cool Family Room With Cozy Sofa And White Rugs Also TV

Minimalist Attic Apartment in Scandinavian Detail

Nowadays, people tend to optimize the minimalist living space as an apartment becomes a nice and homey attic apartment. This trend is probably inspiring the idea of this Scandinavian apartment. Located in the Scandinavian Peninsula country, Sweden, this apartment is trying to maintain the local design. The brightness is the tone which is brought by this apartment design since it is shown in the wall color of the interior. As…

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Minimalist White Kitchen Cabinet Black Dining Table White Ceiling Design

Fantastic Minimalist Interior in Apartment

Decorate our interior design in home or apartment maybe you can use minimalist interior. As we know that minimalist design is a simple and very clean and we can get the practical way to organize our stuffs and we will get the advantage when we using minimalist decoration. Minimalist Interior in Livenza Related to this situation, when I saw the apartment design in Livenza Italy, the interior design used minimalist…

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Fantastic Balcony Decor With Wooden Deck Floor And Small Wooden Table Set

Stunning Beach House with Refreshing Color Splash

The Palm Beach House project designed by Vaughn McQuarrie definitely will enchant you with the gorgeous wooden details for the interior, as well as the minimalist detail of the exterior that is covered in white tone. This beach house is located in Auckland, New Zealand and surrounded by lush vegetation that will refresh you whenever you walk on the terraces. The smell of the salty water, the sound of the…

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Spanish Minimalist House Model with a Beautiful Exterior Design

A perfect minimalist house will have a perfect look if it is done in smart combination between the exterior and the interior. An example is given by this D&E House project that was done in Castellon, Spain, in the year of 2008. The designer is a Valencia-based studio called sanahuja and partners who combined concrete and glass together as the exterior. Sounds interesting? Here we go to check this out…

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Beautiful White Glossy Door Closet With Glass Showcase Decor And Down Lighting Decor

Captivating Clear Ornaments Blends Lovely with Black and White Home Decor

The Trinity Bellwoods Town + Homes have been accomplished by Cecconi Simone which utilizes clear ornaments as part of its interior design. This home decoration looks really fascinating while blending the black and white tone with the striking bright yellow color. It is such an artwork. Look at the living room. Many architects never think about arranging a big arch lamp with bucket look like cover to illuminate this guest…

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