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Beach Resort Dining Room Wooden Ceiling With Hanging Chandelier

Sophisticated Resort around the Beach

Sunbathing in a terrace of a resort around the beach is definitely relaxing. You can enjoy the view without feeling hot and getting burnt by the sun because the roof of the resort protects you. But, usually, there is still rare resort built around the beach. If there are, they are build a monotone and boring concept. We often see villas which are built like the ordinary homes around the…

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Classic Bedroom Design With Nautical Accent Beautiful Bedroom Design

Superb Ocean Cottage with Soft Palette

Big house must be tempting for family residence while beautiful scenery is making perfect impression such an ocean cottage that will be reviewed below. People can gain new experienced and getting fresh idea while staying at a kind of dynamic ambience. Don’t forget to bring holiday packing such as swim suit since this place located at seaside where crystal water and clear sky can be access anytime you need. Here…

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Awesome Terrace With Outdoor Patio Furniture And Green Palm Tree Near The Pool What A Relaxing Villa

Luxurious Modern Villa Interior with Ocean View in Phuket, Thailand

Several modern villa interior can be found nowadays in this modern era. One of them is a villa in Phuket Thailand. The villa looks cool with beautiful ocean view right in front of the villa. Now, you do not need to worry about where to go when you are in Phuket Thailand. Here we go. Look at the picture. What can you see? From this side, you can see that…

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Villa Skipas First Floor Plan Of Modern Villa

Fantastic Contemporary Villa in Bright Color

This contemporary villa located in Sweden has the beautiful design reflecting the modern style. The villa exterior has the simple shape yet with the stylish look. The exterior wall is in black with the white lines on the edge. The front yard is spacious with the natural exterior flooring from white pebbles and grey concrete floor. The trees surrounding the villa makes this villa blends well with the earth color…

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Awesome Work Space With Dark Shelves And Dark Desk Plus Wooden Floor Completed With Warm Ceiling Lighting

Fabulous Contemporary Design Inspirations for Private Residence

Having a private residence must be everyone’s dream. Not matter how it looks like, to have your own place to live must be everyone’s goal in life. When you move to your own residence, you have a full control of its design, its interior, its decoration and everything that related to how your residence looks like. Here you can explore your dream design and apply it into your residence. That’s…

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Modern Glass Walls Design For Bright Natural Light Exposure Luxury Villa Design

Modish White Villa Tastes in Vanilla

Admitting as white lover? This white villa must fresh the look for eyes. White is part of color that is listed in modern design. That is why white plays the important act in modern living. This villa is dominated in white as part of modern design. Before viewing the dominant white, black wall is firstly seen in the front appearance of the villa before villa design ideas shown. Car garage…

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Storm Cottage Night Facade

Awesome Modern Cottage with Scenic View

Modern Cottage is an ideal residential if you are thinking to spend a relaxing holiday with family. If you have more budgets, it helps if you are thinking of building or renovating a cottage, since this occupancy will help you plan a vacation, or an occasional escape from a solid routine. One of the ideas that can inspire you about building a modern cottage is a review about Storm Cottage,…

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Wonderful Outdoor Patio With White Umbrella And Black Woden Deck

Wonderful House Natural Design to Create a Fresh Impression

A concept of a house can be created specially to get a fresh impression in a house or surrounding a house by applying house natural design. A beautiful, green and fresh condition in a landscape surrounding a house can be a special characterization of a house that has a natural concept. It is very suitable to be used as a comfortable house living. There are many people design their house…

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Black Wooden Dining Table Glass Window Aluminum Frame White Hanging Lamps

Glamour Estate Design with Great Panorama

Glamour model become one of element on estate design, where beside that consideration of place for land also needed. There is a glamour estate which located in beachside or seaside. The concept for this huge estate is very well. There is a big swimming pool which completed by main big building of estate. With good position of land which is hills, it accommodates people to see a beautiful panorama from…

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The Dining Room With Unforgetable Sea View

Gorgeous Holiday Villa with Exposed Terrace Design

Booking proper place to stay in holiday season is sometimes being hard task while this review will show an option for stunning holiday villa surrounding by grass area close to spectacular hill view. This villa is available for more than 10 guests though. Look at some photos below that give you a glance look of great villa which can add choices for staying at retreat season. As it mentioned before…

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